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ALR Student's Corner: Specialized Legal Research Tips
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Jul 5, 2016
Check this guide out for tips and tricks on the specialized legal resources Charlotte Law offers our students, all written by our own Advanced Legal Research students.
Tags: blogs, databases, electronic resources, general reference, government resources, how-to-guides, legal research, practice-ready resources, secondary sources, supplemental resources, websites
Animal Law
by Susan Catterall - Last Updated Feb 3, 2016
The purpose of this guide is to assist researchers interested in studying animal law and related subjects, such as animal rights and animal welfare.
Tags: animal law, animal rights, animal welfare, case law, legal periodicals, legal research, news, regulations, research, specialized research guides, statutes, treatises, web resources
Appellate Advocacy
by Susan Catterall - Last Updated Jul 15, 2016
Many steps support a successful appeal including thorough research; precise and competent writing; and persuasive oral advocacy skills. We hope this resource will further support you with those important tasks which are necessary in appellate advocacy.
Tags: appellate advocacy, blogs, citations, court rules, electronic resources, legal research, legal writing, microsoft word, oral advocacy, oral argument, practice ready resources, research, student support
Caribbean Law
by Susan Catterall - Last Updated Jul 7, 2016
This guide provides access to links and resources for those beginning to research Caribbean Law
Tags: associations, caribbean law, central america, electronic resources, international law, international legal research, journals, latin america, legal research, specialized research guides, treatises, web resources
Character and Fitness for Admission to the North Carolina State Bar
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Feb 3, 2016
This guide provides resources to assist you in finding the information required for the Character and Fitness portion of the North Carolina State Bar.
Tags: application, bar exam, career development, character, fitness, forms, personal history, personal records, special circumstances, student resources, student success, student support, vocational guidance
Community Justice and Advocacy Clinic Resources
by Susan Catterall - Last Updated Nov 15, 2016
This guide will provide you with both print and online resources related to Community Justice and Advocacy Clinic.
Tags: blogs, government resources, grant writing, legal research, nonprofit, north carolina, practice-ready resources, reference, specialized research guides, web resources, websites
Entrepreneurship Clinic Research Guide
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Jul 7, 2016
The purpose of this guide is to provide resources to those law students who are participating in the Entrepreneurship Clinic. It could also aid law students, graduates, and practitioners who are thinking about starting a solo or small practice.
Tags: career development, electronic resources, entrepreneurship, grant writing, nonprofit, north carolina, practice-ready resources, small practice, solo practice, vocational guidance, web resources
Fast and Free: Locating Companies for Due Diligence & Background Information
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Feb 3, 2016
This guide covers free online resources for company research, including finding basic information, incorporation documents, financial records, business partnerships, employees, industry violations, intellectual property, and credit risk assessment.
Tags: company research, credit risk, databases, electronic resources, employees, financial records, government agencies, government resources, industry violations, intellectual property, legal research, partnerships, primary sources, secondary sources
Government Jobs, Clerkships and Public Interest Jobs
by Susan Catterall, Tracie Krumbine, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Dec 6, 2016
The purpose of this research guide is to provide resources for those who are interested in using a law degree while working for the government, for the military or for a public services organization.
Tags: career development, careers, center for professional development, clerkships, court jobs, government agencies, government resources, internships, jobs, military, public affairs, student resources, student support, vocational guidance
Government Resources: Federal, State & Local
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Jul 5, 2016
Includes resources for research on federal and state statutes, agencies and regulations, boards and commissions, federal statistics, FOIA requests, and federal and state courts.
Tags: boards, commissions, databases, electronic resources, foia, government agencies, government resources, legal research, municipal codes, practice-ready resources, primary sources, reference, regulations, secondary sources, statistics, statutes, websites
Immigration Law
by Susan Catterall, Jane Fraytet - Last Updated Dec 20, 2016
This guide covers primary and secondary legal resources that are available in the library at the Charlotte School of Law and other documents and resources that can be viewed online through WestlawNext, LexisAdvance, e-books and through other online guides
Tags: asylum law, databases, electronic resources, forms, immigration, immigration law, legal research, primary sources, secondary sources, specialized research guides
International Comparative Law: the Business of Wine
by Susan Catterall - Last Updated Nov 30, 2016
This LibGuide accompanies the course "International Comparative Law: The Business of Wine" which is taught by Professor Barbara Bernier. Some resources are required reading for the course, while others are listed for readers interested in learning more.
Tags: associations, blogs, business of wine, course support, electronic resources, international comparative law, journals, north carolina, north carolina resources, periodicals, practice ready resources, student support, web resources, websites, wine, wineries
Literature in the Law LibGuide
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Nov 10, 2016
This guide contains information on banned and challenged books, censorship and intellectual freedom, and First Amendment resources, as well as provides support for Professor Young's Literature in the Law class.
Tags: banned books, censorship, challenged books, electronic resources, first amendment, intellectual freedom, specialized research guides, student resources, student support
Moot Court
by Susan Catterall, Ashley London, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Sep 15, 2016
Learn more about Charlotte Law's Moot Court and access resources that can help you with your oral arguments, legal writing, research and citations.
Tags: citations, legal research, legal writing, moot court, oral advocacy, practice ready resources, student support
Professional Responsibility: A Research Guide
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Aug 23, 2016
This Research Guide is designed to assist users in the navigation of resources on professional responsibility, a sprawling topic in today’s legal world.
Tags: electronic resources, journals, legal research, north carolina, periodicals, practice-ready resources, professional responsibility, specialized research guides, study guides, web resources, websites
Research and Scholarship: A Faculty Guide
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Feb 16, 2017
This guide is designed to assist in choosing research topics, involving yourself in conferences, submitting your work for publication and protecting and understanding your rights as an author. It also provides examples of colleagues' scholarship.
Tags: article submission services, assessment conference, authors rights, blogs, career development, conferences, electronic resources, faculty publications, legal periodicals, library liaison program, open access, symposium
Sports Law Resources
by Susan Catterall - Last Updated Nov 10, 2016
This Sports Law Resources research guide has been designed to assist law students, law faculty and practitioners with topics related to sports law study, research and practice.
Tags: anti-doping, anti-trust, arbitration, blogs, databases, electronic resources, practice-ready resources, sports law periodicals, sports law resources, statutes, websites
Student Writing and Publishing
by Susan Catterall, Ashley Moye - Last Updated Dec 8, 2016
This guide serves as a one-stop resource for student publishing, from academic writing resources available through our library to assistance in all aspects of the process, ranging from deciding where to publish to your own author's rights.
Tags: article submission services, authors rights, career development, law review, legal periodicals, publishing, research, student resources